Jim Waterman - Environmental Engineer and Unix Consultant

Thank you for your interest. Some activities I am currently involved in include:

Professional Activities

My primary professional focus over the last decade has been in the integration of computer technology in support of environmental engineering.

Voluteer Activities

I recently joined the technical advisory board of the Boulder Community Network; a CU affiliated public service attempting to use Web technology to bring the resources of the Internet and numerous local public and private agencies to the citizens of Boulder. BCN is always lookng for volunteers and I recommend them as an interesting and supportive group of folks to work with.

Recreational Interests

While an enthusiastic netizen I often feel the need to go offline; way off line. While neither an agressive nor ambitious backpacker I do value the (rapidly diminishing) empty spaces of the Western US and try to spend as much time there as I can.

Other Interests

Here are some other interests I wile away the time with:

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